35th Leith Harbour Free, Course 1, Thurs 26 May 2022

Forty five keen runners and walkers gathered to take part in the 35th Leith Harbour Free which took place on the West Harbour Walk and Cycle way.  They all lined up in the dark at 6pm at the corner of Neptune and Magnet Street eager for some great running and perhaps some personal bests or course records in the various age grades.  The weather was cool and mild with just a southerly breeze to make the trips back on both the 5km and 10km a little harder than the trips out to the turnarounds.   The train did not play its part except for coming through just before the start, which was a good omen.  Then they were off.

The 5km 

Corey Lewis, Danny Baillie, Lars Winther, Simon Leaning, Richard Campbell and Martin Page made their intentions clear from the start – they were out to break some records.  Leith’s Corey Lewis put on a tremendous pace from the outset and was soon on his own.  He surged to an overall course record and senior men’s course record on this course.  His time was 16 minutes 38 seconds breaking Caversham’s Nathan Shanks’s record by 16 seconds which Nathan had set last December.  He also beat his own course PB by a whopping 35 seconds.  Not to be outdone Leith’s Master Men’s 50-54 runner Danny Baillie had a great duel with Lars Winther for line honours, smashing the Master Men’s 50-59 record to finish ahead of Lars in 18 minutes 11 seconds.  Lars finished third in a course PB of 18 minutes 19 seconds. Leith’s Master Men’s 45-49 runner Simon Leaning finished fourth for a course PB of 19 minutes 41 seconds after a close battle with Leith’s Richard Campbell who finished a narrow fifth also with a course PB of 19 minutes 43 seconds. Sixth was junior runner Martin Page who finished in a course PB of 21 minutes 18 seconds. Leith’s Master Men’s 50-54 runner Lee Flowers of Dunedin Tri finished 8th in a course PB of 21 minutes 35 seconds. Master Men’s 60-64 runner Ash Dustow continues to amaze finishing tenth in 21 minutes 49 seconds

The 10km

Leith’s Junior Women’s runner Mandy Lowther  finished first in 41 minutes 58 seconds. Leith’s Master Men’s 50-54 runner Phil Page was third in 44 minutes 26 seconds. Master Men’s 70-74 Peter Ford finished third in 47 minutes 44 seconds.


Thanks to Chris Sole, Sebastian Sole, Rach McKinney, Gavin Chin and all others who helped in the organization of this event

34th Leith Harbour Free, Course 2, Sun 24 April 2022

The weather promised to be worse than it was and the rain held off.  A very brisk cool westerly wind made the trip back from the turnaround points at Vauxhall Yacht Club (5km) and The Cove (10km) a tough ask.  Despite this there were again many personal bests and some course records too and we will mention some of them here. First to get back to the start at Watercooled Sports were the 5km runners with Leith’s Richard Campbell winning in a course personal best of 18:05.  Not too far behind was another Leith runner, Casey Pearce who finished second in a course personal best of 18:34.  First woman and third across the line was Florence Reynolds in a course personal best of 20:41.  Getting back to form was Leith’s Mark O’Neill who finished fourth in a course personal best of 21:03.  The record breaking runs of the day in the 5km have got to belong to Caversham’s Gail Sharp, course record of 25:41 in the Master Women’s 60-64 grade and Ariki’s Dalise Sanderson, course record of 26:18 in the Master Women’s 65-69 grade.  These athletes are on fire!

Not to be outdone, the 10km runners also put on a show in running course personal bests and records.  Here are some of the highlights.  Leith’s Corey Lewis won in a course personal best of 34.44.  Second was Wayne Porteous who achieved a course record of 41:48 in the Master Men’s 60-64 grade.  Ralph Miller finished 3rd in 42:52.  Fourth was Leith’s Bryan Staunton in a course personal best of 43:59.  Master Men’s 60-64 runner from Caversham, Dave Sharp decided that his wife Gail was not going to get all the laurels and he finished fifth in a course personal best of 45:07.

Thank you to all those who participated and to the organisers, timekeepers and marshals.

33rd Leith Harbour Free, Course 1, Thursday 31 March 2022

The weather for this one was magnificent, still cool conditions, fantastic vibe from the participants too.  Thanks to Gavin Chin and Suzie White for some really wonderful photographs shown in the collage above. Chris gave out the course speech as usual and Marc mentioned some target course records to be broken. Sebastian was there with his trusty timekeeping equipment at the ready.  The turnaround marshals were at their posts and the photographers were out on the course.  Then at 6pm the 49 keen runners and walkers were off down the West Harbour Walkway with the beautiful Dunedin twilight sky as the backdrop.  Once again there was a plethora of course personal bests and at least one course age grade record.

The 10km 

Leith’s Corey Lewis and Caversham’s Ben Pigou went toe to toe in the 10km with Corey finishing first just seconds ahead of second placed Ben in a personal best on the course of 34 minutes 57 seconds.  Ben finished also with a personal best on the course of 35 minutes.  Leith’s George Alexander finished 3rd in a course personal best of 35 minutes 59 seconds. Mandy Lowther fresh from winning the Youth grade title in the Three Peaks 26km race the weekend before set the Female Under 20 record standard for the course finishing in a personal best on the course of 41 minutes 39 seconds. Michael Hoogeveen achieved a course personal best of 43 minutes 54 seconds. The evergreen Ross Gatenby in the Male 70+ grade achieved a course personal best of 48 minutes 54 seconds.

The 5km

Leith’s Casey Pearce finished first in 18 minutes. Hill City University’s Luke Geddes was second in 18 minutes 18 seconds. Young Noah Byrne was third in 20 minutes 38 seconds.  Ashleigh Dustow (Male 60-64) ran exceptionally well finishing 4th in 20 minutes 59 seconds showing the young ones how to do it.

31st Leith Harbour Free, Course One, 9am Sun 30 Jan 2022

Perfect conditions again, well even more perfect than last time

report by Marc Boullé

There were perfect conditions for the 31st Leith Harbour Free on Sunday morning at 9am along the West Harbour Walkway as over 40 runners and walkers lined up for the run. There was a light drizzle, cool and almost no wind with a little humidity thrown in.  There were plenty of personal bests on the course and also some course records.

Chris was almost speechless when Ross Gatenby informed him about the 30 Leith Harbour Free performances by Wayne Porteous. Wayne explained his one absence having to prepare a Family BBQ in December! Well done, Wayne – now the next goal will be 50 performances. Well done to Leith’s Simon Leaning too who is on 18/31 LHF 5/10km.


The first runner home was the winner of the 5km, Leith’s Sandor Toth with his second fastest time on course one of 19 minutes 56 seconds. Second was another Leith runner, Josh Lewis in a personal best on the course of 20 minutes 42 seconds. Third to finish was Ash Dustow in a personal best on the course and a course record for the MM60-64 grade of 20 minutes 56 seconds. Leith’s Rachael McKinney in 8th place was the first female to finish the 5km in a personal best on the course of 25 minutes 22 seconds. In 12th place was Dalise Sanderson of Ariki who finished in 26 minutes 8 seconds to smash her own record on the course in the MW65-69 age grade.


Simon Leaning of Leith won the 10km in one of his best times on the course of 38 minutes 52 seconds. Sonya Cameron finished second in 42 minutes 6 seconds whilst third runner in was Wayne Porteous in personal best on the course of 42 minutes 21 seconds. Thanks to Sebastian Sole, Chris Sole, Mark O’Neill, Mark O’Donnell, Hayden Scorringe, Lydia Pattillo and others for assisting with timekeeping and marshalling and behind the scenes work. Thanks to all the runners and walkers who participated. See you at our 32nd Leith Harbour Free in February, date and venue still to be decided.

30th Leith Harbour Free, Course One, 6pm Thurs 16 December 2021

Ideal Conditions for Ideal Times

report by Marc Boullé

Leith Athletics held its 30th Leith Harbour Free 5/10km monthly timed community run/walk on the West Harbour Walkway course on Thursday. The weather was perfect resulting in some more course records and personal bests.

Thirty five keen participants plus one dog, challenged themselves over the course. In the 5km, Oliver and Elliot O’Sullivan both of Hill City-University tied for first and course one personal bests of 17min 58sec. Aaron Eyles (Caversham) was third in a course one personal best of 18min 15sec. The first Leith runner was fourth placed Richard Campbell in 18min 26sec followed by Casey Pearce (Leith) in 18min 28sec. Phil Napper (Ariki) achieved a Masters Men’s 60-69 course record of 21min 40sec. Dalise Sanderson (Ariki) broke her own Masters Women’s 65-69 course record in 26min 35sec.

In the 10km, Simon Leaning (Leith) finished first in 38min 29sec, Simon Rhodes (HCU) second in a course personal best of 39min 14sec. Matthew Johnston was third in 40min 27sec.

The sheer number of personal bests over both the 5km and 10km courses was incredible, despite some being interrupted by a train. Others to get personal course bests were Brian Adams, Kristy Eyles, Mark O’Neill, Donald Bate, Alice Barach, Pita Fincham, Marc Boullé, Richard Muirhead, Cassie Heart, Lisa McDonnell, Fa Niemi, Aly Craigie, Jamie Ward, Ian McDonald, and Ross Gatenby.

Thank you to Sebastian Sole (On-line entries, time-keeping, results), Chris Sole (Chief organiser), Marc Boulle (Website/The Star/ODT/Talking advertising), Lydia Pattillo and Mark O’Neill (Facebook), Orlaith Heron (2.5km Turn-around, Photographs), Gene Sanderson (5km turn-around), Stephen Jaquiery (ODT) and Linda Robertson (ODT, Start photographs).

All the best for the Festive Season and we look forward to seeing you again after the break.

29th Leith Harbour Free, Course 2, 9am Sunday 5 Dec 2021

The 29th Leith Harbour Free 5/10km was held on Sunday morning beginning at 9am on course two, along the Portobello Walkway. Start/finish was next to Watercooled Sports, Kitchener Street. The wind was a cool mild southerly and no rain, ideal for good times. There were plenty of personal bests and course records from the 49 keen participants.

First in the 5km (26 finishers) was Leith’s Corey Lewis (Leith) who achieved a course 2 personal best and a Senior Men’s course 2 record of 17min 22sec. Second was Hill City–University’s Luke Geddes who ran 17min 40sec for a course 2 record in the Men’s Under 20 grade. Third was Matthew Johnston who was pleased with his personal best on course 2 of 18min 45sec. Phil Napper had an amazing run, smashing the Master Men’s 50-69 course 2 record with a time of 20min 40sec. Another who had an amazing run was Cilla Dickinson (HCU) who was ninth overall and first female across the line smashing the Master Women’s 60-64 course 2 record in 23min 35sec. Dalise Sanderson broke her own course 2 record in the Master Women’s 64-69 grade running it in 26min 35sec.

The 10km (23 finishers) also provided some fantastic performances. Simon Leaning (Leith) was first across the line in 39min 38sec. Second was Ralph Miller in 41min 41sec which was a personal best for him on course 2. Stephanie Beech was third across the line and was also the first female athlete finishing in 42 minutes flat.

There were many more personal bests in both the 5km and 10km and these can be viewed in our results page on the Leith Harbour Free Website – see the Cumulative Rankings link below the results listings.

It was great to see so many having fun out there, whether walking or running. There were a couple of kids having a lot of fun cycling alongside their parents too. Whole families taking part in this fun wholesome sport.

26th Leith Harbour Free, 6pm 30 Sep 2021, Course 1

Awesome records and personal bests achieved today despite the strong southerly

There was a great turnout of keen runners and walkers out to tackle the West Harbour Cycle and Walk Way.  The newly laid out path at the start opposite the Kayak Club was great and also provided a good finish chute.  The rain earlier in the day had cleared but the strong southerly wind was still blowing and provided the runners nice assistance on the first half, but a tough task on the way back.  Thanks go to Chris Sole and Seb Sole on the timekeeping and results, Mark O’Neill for the 2.5km turnaround (and the lovely photos in the collage above) and Danny Baillie for the 5km turnaround.  Congrats to all the competitors and to those who achieved course records and personal bests as listed below.  See you all at the next one in October.  For full results go to >> Results

5km 25 finishers:

1  Corey Lewis (Leith) 24 M  18:04  2nd fastest time course 1
2  Andrew Lonie (Leith) 48 M  18:40  PB Course 1
3  Matthew Johnston (Leith) 38 M  19:23 PB Course 1
4  Kristy Eyles (Caversham) 37 F  19:59 Course 1 Record MW35-49
5  Sandor Toth (Leith) 29 M  20:30 2nd Fastest Time course 1
6  Mark O’Donnell (Leith) 48 M  20:58  PB Course 1
7  Phil Napper (Ariki)  68 M  22:09 Course 1 record MM65-69
8  Ross Gatenby (Caversham)  70 M  24:31  Course 1 record MM70+
9  Catherine Carr (Leith)  21 F  24:38  PB Course 1
10  Kate Roberts (Leith)  25 F  26:54  PB Course 1
11  Dalise Sanderson (Ariki)  65 F  27:02  Course 1 record MW65-69
12  Marc Boulle (Leith)  67 M  27:03  PB Course 1

10km 14 finishers:

1  Ralph Miller  37 M  41:03  PB Course 1
2  Jamie Ward  46 M  43:37  PB Course 1
3  Phil Page (Leith)  52 M 43:55  2nd Fastest time course 1
4  Orlaith Heron (Leith)  37 F  44:15  =3rd fastest time Course 1
6  Joseph Connolly (Civil Service)  54 M  47:48  PB Course 1
7  Ron McLay-Barnes  58  M  49:34  2nd fastest time course 1
8  Katherine Boomer  52 F  51:11  PB course 1
9  Gaya Gnanalingam (Leith)  36 F  51:30  3rd fastest time
10  Lara Urban  30 F  53:19  3rd fastest time
11  Claudia Sole (Leith)  24 F  54:40  2nd fastest time
12  Michael Callander  28 M  56:09  PB Course 1
14  Joanna Tomlinson  28 F  1:03:15  PB Course 1

25th Leith Harbour Free, 9am Sun 12 September 2021, Course 2

This marked a return of competitive running and was held under Alert Level 2 protocols, attracting 33 runners over both the 5km and 10km distances

Check out the Otago Daily Times report on this event >> Back on track (ODT Monday 13 September 2021)

There was a plethora of PBs and course 2 records despite the strong easterly wind blowing up the Otago Peninsula.  Jono Ryan (Caversham Harriers) in a MM35-49 course 2 record and Lars Winther had a thrilling photo finish in the 10km sharing the title in 38min 20sec. Eva de Jong (Leith) won the women’s race in 48:37 finishing 8th overall. Corey Lewis (Leith) and Emma Lloyd won the men’s and women’s 5km races respectively. Lewis achieved a personal best over the course of 17:44 plus the SM course 2 record whilst Lloyd finished in 20:42. Luke Geddes (Hill City-University) was second in a M20 course 2 record of 17:50. Orlaith Heron (Leith) was second woman, 5th overall in a MW35-49 course 2 record of 20:56.  Evergreen 70 year old Ross Gatenby (Caversham) achieved the MM60-74 record in an excellent time of 24:18.

Thanks to Chris Sole, Sebastian Sole, Mark O’Neill, Gene Sanderson and all those who assisted and also those keen athletes who took part in this event. We welcome you all back to our events.  See you at the next LHF on Thursday 30 September 2021 at 6pm on Course 1 – start corner of Neptune/Magnet Streets

24th Leith Harbour Free, Sun 25 July 2021, new records set

We had a large turnout of runners and walkers at the 24th Leith Harbour Free 5km and 10km race held on Sunday at 9am on course 2 (Watercooled Sports to Vauxhall Boat Club for 5k race turnaround and The Cove for 10km turnaround). Despite the gnarly strong and cold easterly wind howling down the harbour over 50 hardy souls braved the conditions. Amazingly, there were a number of course 2 records set for various age grades. Leith’s Nic Bathgate opted to run the 5km for a change and despite the strong wind set a new record for the Senior Men 20-34 and the Master Men 35-49 in winning this one comfortably in 17 minutes 45 seconds. Second was Sandor Toth also of Leith in 19 minutes 13 seconds. Young Henry Eyles of Hill City-University had a fantastic run in those conditions finishing third in 21 minutes 44 seconds. First female runner was Gail Sharp of Caversham Harriers in fourth place overall. She set a new course record for the Master Women 60-64 grade of 25 minutes 47 seconds. Seventh overall was Leith’s Marc Boulle who set a new course record for the Master Male 60-69 grade of 26 minutes 6 seconds. Ariki’s Dalise Sanderson finished eighth overall in 26 minutes 41 seconds to set a new Master Women 65-69 course record. There were 23 finishers in the 5km race.

Leith’s Tadhg Ryan Charleton decided to do one more race before he took a flight to his homeland of Ireland to further his career there. He ended his brief but fruitful time here in Dunedin and Leith with a fine win in the 10km. He finished in 33 minutes 51 seconds which was 9 seconds faster than his previous best on course 2. Nic Bathgate holds the overall course record and senior men record of 33 minutes 22 seconds for course 2. Corey Lewis also of Leith ran a fantastic personal best on the course in finishing second. His time was 37 minutes 16 seconds. Caversham Harriers Ben Pigou completed the podium in 39 minutes 35 seconds. Margie Campbell of HCU had a great run to finish as first female and fifth overall setting a new record of 40 minutes 33 seconds to set a new Master Women 35-49 course record.

Thank you to Sebastian Sole, Chris Sole, Mark O’Neill (2.5km turn marshal) and Gene Sanderson (5km turn marshal) and to all those who took part in this free community running event.

See you all at the next Leith Harbour Free on Thursday 26 August 2021, Course One, Start 6pm Neptune/Magnet Street, West Harbour Cycle and Walkway.





Tadhg sets new record

On Thursday evening 24 June 2021 the Leith Harbour Free provided another platform to explore one’s potential.

Corey Lewis reached a new standard over 5km with a time of 17 minutes 49 seconds whilst Tadhg Ryan Charleton demonstrated what consistent steady training can achieve by setting a new course one record of 33 minutes 47 seconds. This new record now waits for someone to drive it below 33min. Could that someone be you?

Also on the same evening, in winning the female grade of the 5km, Dalise Sanderson from Ariki  set a new course 1 record of 27 minutes 9 seconds in the Female Masters 65-69 grade.

Well done to all those who enjoyed the run and achieved their personal goals!

See you at the next one near the end of July.