Gaya Gnanalingam was not sure what to expect

An interesting take on Gaya’s experience of the event, dressed like Michelin Man and worried about encountering a sea lion
(Thursday, 20 June 2019)

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Leith Harbour 10km, the last time I ran along the harbour walkway at night I ran into a sea lion. Safety in numbers I thought to myself. And numbers there were! I was surprised at the turn out for the inaugural Leith Harbour run given the cool evening temperature. It was brilliant to see. Too cold to remove my hoodie at the start I decided to run layered up and was soon comfortably trotting down the flat harbour path. I may have regretted the decision to dress like the Michelin man by the time I reached the St Leonards turnaround but aside from that, it was a very pleasant run. Many thanks to the Leith crew who organised the event and made sure that everything ran smoothly on the night. I look forward to the next Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10km run.