31st Leith Harbour Free, Course One, 9am Sun 30 Jan 2022

Perfect conditions again, well even more perfect than last time

report by Marc Boullé

There were perfect conditions for the 31st Leith Harbour Free on Sunday morning at 9am along the West Harbour Walkway as over 40 runners and walkers lined up for the run. There was a light drizzle, cool and almost no wind with a little humidity thrown in.  There were plenty of personal bests on the course and also some course records.

Chris was almost speechless when Ross Gatenby informed him about the 30 Leith Harbour Free performances by Wayne Porteous. Wayne explained his one absence having to prepare a Family BBQ in December! Well done, Wayne – now the next goal will be 50 performances. Well done to Leith’s Simon Leaning too who is on 18/31 LHF 5/10km.


The first runner home was the winner of the 5km, Leith’s Sandor Toth with his second fastest time on course one of 19 minutes 56 seconds. Second was another Leith runner, Josh Lewis in a personal best on the course of 20 minutes 42 seconds. Third to finish was Ash Dustow in a personal best on the course and a course record for the MM60-64 grade of 20 minutes 56 seconds. Leith’s Rachael McKinney in 8th place was the first female to finish the 5km in a personal best on the course of 25 minutes 22 seconds. In 12th place was Dalise Sanderson of Ariki who finished in 26 minutes 8 seconds to smash her own record on the course in the MW65-69 age grade.


Simon Leaning of Leith won the 10km in one of his best times on the course of 38 minutes 52 seconds. Sonya Cameron finished second in 42 minutes 6 seconds whilst third runner in was Wayne Porteous in personal best on the course of 42 minutes 21 seconds. Thanks to Sebastian Sole, Chris Sole, Mark O’Neill, Mark O’Donnell, Hayden Scorringe, Lydia Pattillo and others for assisting with timekeeping and marshalling and behind the scenes work. Thanks to all the runners and walkers who participated. See you at our 32nd Leith Harbour Free in February, date and venue still to be decided.